Friday, October 1, 2010

Be careful of Your Gmail Account Access by Chinese Hackers

A number of Google users in the world reveal that the account they probably spied upon by a number of hackers from China. Many of the gamers and media consultant who get a message pop-up red states in access to their accounts from China. "Warning: We believe your account was recently accessed from: China (IP ADDRESS)." Similarly, pop-ups received a number of Gmail users.

Gmail users who get the message that it is random. One of the victims who get the message is activist Privacy International, an organization that actively supports free speech and human rights, Alexander Hanff.  He said that, despite the frequent use of Gmail accounts do not contain documents and business. But the possibility of attack into Gmail account was the target of attacks for his activities which will be the speaker at the seminar Human Rights and freedom of opinion between China and the EU.

Google currently only suggested, for Google users who get the message immediately change the Password. the messages are delivered by Google. Google engineer stated that the message is a warning to users to pay attention to safety issues and has been launched since March 2010.

"To determine when we display this message, our automated system will read the relevant IP address. While we do not have the ability to determine the specific location of the account that is accessible, but if someone logged in from one country and if we can detect it after logging in from one country and within a few minutes to log in from another country of course we judge there is something dangerous, "said Google.

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