Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Microsoft and Google Battle in Cloud

Microsoft made a big step in competition with Google in cloud-computing world, with the launch cloud versions of Office software suite. This week, Microsoft has just launched its latest Office software suite, which includes Outlook and Excel, into the format of the cloud. Latest software suite called Office 365, allowing users to use it with any device connected to the internet.

Google has 40 million users of Google Apps suite, according to observers had been stealing marketshare from Microsoft's customers, with products more cheaply and effectively, rather than first having to install software or manage the server. It is not yet say how many of their users, but the firm comScore estimates that 750 million users around the world have been using Office. Currently the software service demand-for-web has warmed in the sector of the cloud, which continues to grow. The average office and the government sector is currently also using software from Microsoft or Google.

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