Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Strange Animal Intangible Aliens

An animal that has no feathers on his head, big eyes like a monkey makes Henan residents panic and fear because they think the animal is an alien. A mother of Household, Xiping Mao turned on the alarm in his house after finding the creature who looks emaciated and malnourished like this to steal cucumbers from her flat.

"I find that scary alien-looking animals and animal species I have not seen this before," said Xiping. Local police could not believe what is said Mao. Until the animal is trapped in a dishwasher basket. After police arrived, Xiping immediately bring one of the policemen to see where the animal. Finally they decided to take him to the police station. Currently animal-sized 46 cm was still checked and identified local scientists. "The animal looks very thin so that the ribs easily visible through his flesh," said researcher in Henan Province, central China.

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