Thursday, February 23, 2012

Android 5.0 Coming Soon

Android Ice Cream Sandwich has only one percent of market share, but Google seems to be on the verge of releasing his successor. Recent rumors that the next release of Android 5.0 or Jelly Bean will be unveiled in the second quarter of this year. Jelly Bean Android 5.0 will bring further optimization for larger screen devices, tablet and netbook computers.

One of the key features of the upcoming release of Android will be the ability to dual-boot Chrome OS. Cloud-based platform is still struggling to make a big impact and Google's apparent plans to use Android are very popular to change it.

Dual-boot Android 5.0 will also make a Jelly Bean easier to market with computer makers. Given the popularity of Prime Transformer Asus, there may be a niche for ultrabook with extremely long battery life and good performance, even if they do not run regular desktop OS.


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  2. This is a good news but whats the point of dual boot?

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