Monday, July 16, 2012

Access Network Using the Technology of Glasses

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zenni_IG_800.png (800×2152) Some smart glasses technology that has been designed and continuously developed like Google Augmented Reality Glasses, Robotics eyeglassess, Contact Lenses. Robotics Eyeglassess that will help the blind to read braille through a sensor camera so they are easily and quickly receive the information they need. Contact Lenses are combined with hundreds of LEDs that will help the eye see the text and images on a smartphone, speech translate into real-time caption, visual navigation, internet and social media access and many other functions. Glasses continue to develop into functional and stylish accessories. Emerging technologies takes glasses to a new level with other stylish glasses.

Emerging optical technologies will certainly bring positive change for everyone who has used eyeglasses. Research and development of smart glasses has been done by Google, where they have created a smart glasses that can be used to take pictures, record videos, and run the applications and their range of services such as Google Map, Google docs, Google + and so on.

These smart glasses real form of future technologies. Google augmented reality glasses will bring smarthphone features into it. Google Augmented Reality Glasses is displaying various information such as weather forecasts, temperatures, maps that will help you in your journey. Not only that, Google Augmented Reality Glasses is also able to scan a concert poster and display information about ticket prices and other details of the concert. Check out  this Emerging Technology Info Graphic from Zenni Optical and take a look at some of the fantastic deals on their website.

When you in a bookstore, Google augmented reality glasses can also give information about the discount program, and will also help to find the book you need. By using Google's advanced eyewear, you also took some photos and video can then be directly shared with colleagues or people you care about. Google glasses can also prevent users from breaking down because Google augmented reality glasses can inform any track the jammed as well as providing an alternative route suggestions.

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