Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Antidote Giant Asteroid

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration reportedly would consider to capture a giant asteroid. By capturing large asteroids and placed in high orbit around the moon, then it is likely the object space would not threaten the Earth in 2020.

NASA confirmed that it will pay high attention related to the project and the move is expected to bear fruit in 2020.

According to New Scientist, the idea to divert the asteroid lane is associated with enthusiasm by U.S. President Barack Obama to send manned missions to near-Earth asteroids. If NASA robot can pick and place objects in space that orbit around the moon, the crew of the space shuttle can be involved without the need to move beyond the reach of rescue mission.

NASA set the time for 6 to 10 years and see spacecraft moves towards the target asteroid. Then, NASA asteroid will catch them in a big bag and send it back to the moon.

Potential uses to be included NASA as anticipatory measures, one of them using the object space. Object space is expected to be used as a source of fuel or building materials for space missions, including support for the mission trip to Mars.

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