Sunday, October 5, 2008

Geostationer Orbit (GEO)

GEOGeostationer orbit is the orbital geo-syncronous that are right on top of the Earth equator (0 ° latitude), with the same orbital with zero. From the surface of the Earth, the objects are in orbit geostationer will appear to be silent (not moving) in space because of orbital objects Period circumnavigate the Earth with the rotation of Earth Period. Orbit is highly desirable by the operator-made satellite operators (including satellite communications and television). Because of the location of the constant latitude 0 °, the location of the satellite only be distinguished by the location of the longitude of Earth.

Geostationer ideas for use in satellite communications published in 1928 by Herman Poto─Źnik. Geostationer orbit popular the first time by science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke in 1945 as a useful orbit for satellite communications. Therefore, the orbit is sometimes referred to as the Clarke orbit. Belt also known Clarke term that indicates the space of 35,786 square kilometers sea level on average above the equator where the orbital geostationer approach can be achieved. Geostationer orbit is very useful because it can cause a satellite processing seems to dwell on one point on the surface of the Earth rotates. As a result, an antenna can point in one direction and keep in touch with the satellite. Satellites orbit with the clockwise rotation of Earth at a height of about 35,786 km (22,240 statute miles) above the surface.

Although the orbital geostasioner can maintain a satellite is still in place on the equator, can cause perturbation orbital satellite slowly move from location geostationer. Perturbation orbital is a phenomenon in which the satellites orbit changed due to one or more external influences such as gravity anomaly distribution of the earth, drag-style interference from the moon, meteor impact or other objects, or solar radiation pressure. Satellites to make do with the correction maneuvers, which are controlled by the station on Earth, this maneuver is known as the maneuvers north-south (North-South Correction) and maneuvers west-east (East-West Correction).

These maneuvers using small rocket-missile (thrusters) to the satellite body and the direction set in accordance with the direction of the correction. This small rocket ignition consumption fuel will be brought from earth satellites as a stock. If the stock is exhausted, then drop the age of satellite operations - because when he deviate from orbit, no longer the way for the operator of the earth for corrections and return it to where it should be.

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