Monday, March 30, 2009

Health Care For Pregnancy

Being a mother is pregnant is not easy and required extra work to maintain this condition of pregnancy. Changes in the body during pregnancy make it uncomfortable and a mother must always maintain the condition of the body that is always healthy. With increasing age of fetus in the womb, the nutritional needs of pregnant women will also increase. Nutrient needs required for embryo growth, especially for the development of brain and nerve.

We recommend that pregnant women sleep with a sloping position to the left side, because this position gives advantage for your baby to get the maximum flow of nutrients to the placenta and the position of sleep can help your kidney to remove the remaining food and fluids from the body so that you reduce the swelling in the feet. As a father, I must be always ready to help My wife for the birth of a baby, and all attention should be given to My wife. The birth of a baby will bring changes to the atmosphere and provide a fun feeling happy after getting a new member in our family.

After the birth of a baby, every night I slept only 2 hours for 50 days and this makes me very tired. But with the high spirit, patience, all of the problems that have occurred does not become a burden and I try to enjoy the conditions that have occurred. Providing a good education is our obligation as parents and children are expected to become a useful person in the future.

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