Friday, April 3, 2009

Avoid Death Due to Electrical Hazards

Electrical safety is something that action needed to protect ourselves from accidents caused by electricity. Electrical hazards that can cause such as fire, electric shock and death. Electrical accidents can arise from: hold the cable without using footwear, do not install properly in the cable connector, electrical repair without enough knowledge and others.

Each year many people have died due to electric shock, so you should always be careful near the power lines. Never ignore the electric spark, although does not have a flame but could cause a fire. Avoid direct contact with the ground when the touch the cable, and use footwear made of rubber anti-static to avoid electric shock.

I am very experienced in electrical and understand the hazards caused by electricity. If you have any problems related to electricity, such as installing the fan, install lights, and you should call a technician who has experience in doing this.

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