Saturday, May 2, 2009

Function of Active Directory from Windows Server 2008

Active Directory Windows Server 2008I am very interested with Windows Server 2008 which is the Next Technology of artificial Microsoft Server, Windows server which provides many functions to control the network with a more secure and provide comfort when we use. Active Directory is one of the features of Windows Server 2008 that serves to manage the relationship and identity on your network.

By using Active Directory, you can configure the system and the administration of your network users. Configuring the network through active directory aims to improve the security and privacy to give each user on the network to access all the information has been provided by the central administration system.

Active Directory also provides a high security on the network by providing a certificate for each of your network users and protect the user when the network connection is not secure. Connection with the use of the certificate will be more secure because the Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) will perform the encryption of data while you are on the network is not secure, and will also protect your identity during the connection that occurs on the network.

Features of Active Directory from Windows Server 2008 will also provide security when you connect to the Internet network, where the role of this undertaken by Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) you can manage through a server manager. If you are having problems using this feature, windows server 2008 training will give you the solution in using Windows Server 2008.

Instructor training, which has a Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) will teach you to optimize the use of all the features of Windows Server 2008. With the training course, all your problems in using Windows Server 2008 can be found in this training, and instructors who have experience will help full for you. I hope this can help you overcome difficulties in using Windows Server 2008.

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