Sunday, January 17, 2010

Facebook Users the Freedom to Private Settings

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said, privacy is no longer the social norm as more and proliferation of social networking services in cyberspace. This was revealed in the conferment of Crunchie Awards in San Francisco. "The more comfortable not only for sharing more information and various other things, but also because the more open and more people," Zuckerberg said the now 25-year-old. According to him, privacy as a social norm has undergone evolution.  He said, when I started developing for Facebook in the Harvard dorm room, many people who ask what the need to share all information on the Internet and created what has a private web site.

However, 5-6 years later, it turns out that mushroomed following blogs online services to share information. The statement about the privacy that conveyed shortly after Facebook made changes in rules that give freedom to the user's privacy settings. Since the end of December 2009, all Facebook user's status is open, unless the user to change the settings to private. As an option, available features to warn users, both new and old in order to tighten privacy settings. These settings can also be done for any content uploaded, whether photographs or videos. Although these features are provided, steps have opposition Facebook.

Internet users rights activist Facebook assess more step to let people's privacy is open to the Internet without realizing it. These rules changes following the Facebook deal with Google and Microsoft. All the status of the User Facebook unregulated private will be indexed so that Google and Bing could appear in search results both services in real time. Zuckerberg acknowledged, change the rules of privacy to 350 million current Facebook users are not things you can do most companies. But he says, Facebook should do so in order to adjust to the prevailing social norms today.

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