Monday, April 12, 2010

Cobra Lost in Respect 100,000 Euros

Carelessness that should be paid handsomely. Authorities in the city of Muelheim, Germany, spent a fee of 100,000 euros to find the missing snake. When found one, the snake was dead. "We must do whatever it takes to find the cobra," said Volkter Wiebels, a spokesman at the local mayor's office.

After a venomous cobra escaped from its cage in March, members of the fire department searched the entire apartment. They also move the furniture and various kinds of snakes are combing the apartment owners. Not only that, they also closed all the roads that may be passed by the cobra.

Finally, after searching for several weeks, the snake was found dead on the roof of the apartment owner. Operating costs for the search snake reaches 100,000 euros. Apparently the cost of 40,000 euros will be taken from city tax funds because of the loose snakes are considered dangerous to public safety.

The rest must be borne by the owner of the snake. The owner of the snake was still aged 19 years and have bought the snake with just 70 euros. Also unclear whether the snake owners will pay some costs will be because now he does not have a job.

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