Monday, April 12, 2010

Modern Slavery Happened in Costa Rica

Police of Costa Rica, Sunday, 36 Asians have been freed from inhumane conditions in two fishing vessels operated by foreign fishing companies. The 36 men were beaten and forced to work without pay. Those people-15 citizens of Vietnam, 13 citizens of Indonesia, 5 Filipinos, 2 Taiwanese, and 1 citizen of China, forced to work over 20 hours per day, and they were given only little food and the whip as punishment. "They are in a completely unhealthy conditions, inhumane, crowded together push," said Jorge Rojas Vargas, Director of the Institute for Justice (OIJ).

Everyone was told they would be paid 250 dollars per month, but there was no cash given to them, and the Taiwanese vessel operators claimed to have sent a payment to the family of the man's group. Their passports were confiscated in an effort to prevent their escape. "This is modern slavery," Migration Director Mario Zamora said. Owners of fishing vessels are not identified, but authorities said that two Taiwanese men and one man arrested in Costa Rica operation.

Authorities are investigating the case as a suspected act of human smuggling, the most lucrative black-market activities in addition to smuggling of narcotics and weapons. According to UN estimates, human trafficking generate 9.5 million dollars per year on a global level. According to some officials, the police have been investigating the case of Costa Rica for four months since the nine-man Vietnamese fled by jumping from the ship, swim to the shore, and told the officers.

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