Saturday, May 14, 2011

The latest Version of WordPress 3.2

The latest version of WordPress, 3.2 beta 1 is available for download. For users who are interested can download it. WordPress 3.2 beta 1 presents the various features, including new themes, improved display face for the admin, fullscreen mode, and more.

Unfortunately in this latest version of WordPress, it does not support older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6. The latest beta version of WordPress is promising improved performance and speed. Update notifokasi also exist in the browser update. There was also a fashion 'distraction-free writing' that allows users to write in full-screen for both visual and HTML modes.

Themes are used to WordPress 3.2 is Twenty Eleven, which can rotate the picture in the header, and much more. WordPress 3.1 was launched three months ago. Users who wish to use WordPress, 3.2 beta 1 for the building site should wait until the final release is launched. WordPress 2.3 final version is expected to be launched in June.

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