Friday, December 16, 2011

Russian Missiles Could Reach U.S. Defense System.

Tensions again between Russia and the United States. Latest, Russia claimed defense system capable of reaching the United States. "Russia's strategic missile could reach the U.S. missile defense system in Europe," said Russian officer Lieutenant General Sergey Karakaev.

Sergey Karakaev Russian military also announced a plan that would create a new missile-based liquid propellants. This missile has the ability to overcome the attack of the missile defense system through the use of vehicle design and advanced warheads and fuel usage better. Sergey Karakaev further stressed that the need to create a new missile is a reaction to the development of technology ABM by the U.S.

Strain relations between the two countries triggered by the development of U.S. missile defense system and NATO in Europe. Russia wants legal assurance that the system will not threaten Russia's nuclear facilities but the U.S. reluctant to provide guarantees. Russia chose to get tough on this issue. President Medvedev has ordered Secretary of Defense to develop further measures to fight the U.S. defense system.

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