Friday, December 16, 2011

Steve Jobs Does Not Like Think Different

Apple products in addition to the famous iconic, one slogan 'Think Different' campaign is also one that makes the company is always remembered. But you know, initially Apple CEO Steve Jobs strongly disagree with the slogan.

According to the story from the nearest company, when Jobs first introduced the slogan 'Think Different' by the marketing team, which came out of his mouth is "Nonsense!". This rejection was eventually changed, and Jobs continue to use that slogan and make it part of history.

This little secret himself appeared in the Forbes article, written by Rob Siltanen who is chairman and chief creative officer at Siltanen and Partners. And deliberately inspired to write this because the other side of Jobs, who stated in his biography book written by Walter Isaacson.

"How do I know what happened there? Because I was there, right in the middle. At that time I was creative director and managing partner at TBWA / Chiat / Day designated by the CEO and CCO Lee Clow,"

"Steve Jobs is involved enough in the ad and every aspect of Apple's business. In fact, he openly opposed to hard on the commercial slogan 'To Crazy Ones' which eventually will play an important role in helping Apple achieve one of the biggest corporate turnaround in business history, "said Rob.

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